Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Warhammer 40,000: Battle Manual

As 40k grew, both in supplements and in the White Dwarf, it became necessary to clean up the combat system and re-orient weapon profiles along a baseline.  Thus, the Battle Manual.  The same profiles would be used in 2nd Ed, as well as in Necromunda.

This is an excellent reference; the book goes into some detail about how each weapon functions, as well as describing combat use and the sorts of fighters who would use it.

You know the 4th Ed Wargear book?  Throw that shit away.  THIS is a wargear book.

Publication information:

Priestley, Rick.  Warhammer 40,000:  Battle Manual.  Nottingham:  Games Workshop, 1992.  96 pp (plus counters and templates).

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